Fara Tekan Nursu

‘Fara Tekan Nursu Flow’ is a new multidiciplinaire artistic stage, created by Sara Behrad and Farhad Foroutanian.

‘Fara Tekan Nursu Flow’ is rooted in Persian mysticism and is inspired by Rumi’s wisdom, with an spontaneous character which gives unlimited freedom to the stage artist to get connected with ‘Self’ and performe beyond the limitations of Body and Mind.
Once ‘Fara Tekan Nursu’ flows on the stage, it transforms into a higher-frequency movement.

The audience becomes witnesses in the process of ‘Fara Tekan Nursu Flow’
and joins us as fellow travelers on a journey of discover ‘Self’
through impulsive dance, music, story telling, acting, visual art, and beyound.

‘Fara Tekan Nursu Flow’ was first presented in Iran in 2017 and in 2019 left Iran for the Netherlands to expand itself.

Fara Tekan Nursu 1

So far, two Fara Tekan Nursu flow have been performed in the Netherlands, entitled: ‘MITRA’ (Rise of Ishtar) and ‘1000 Nights in one Night’. 
     Sara Behrad
Co-founder of Fara Tekan Nursu
  1. Fara Tekan Nursu 2
  2. “I’m fascinated by self-discovery and personal growth.
    I follow my inner guidance to share my love with those who are awake and aware.”
  3. “I’m here for Fara Tekan Nursu, an event where I can explore other dimensions of life
    in a delicate and mystical way.”
    She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater from the Art University of Tehran
    between 1998 and 2002. In 2013, she pursued a one-year Master’s degree in Theater at DasArts in Amsterdam,
    where she explored the challenge of maintaining a poetic and balanced approach within an activist context.
    She also studied the Stanislavski system of acting in Iran, where she was inspired by Mahin Oskooi’s
    focus on self-nature. In 2014, she participated in a Movement Improvisation summer course in Amsterdam,
    where she experimented with body liberation and drew inspiration from Katie Duck.


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