It is a ‘Momentum’ that appears in the costume of fine arts.
Our inner and outer space for movement- in all dimensions and meaning of it- is fuel for Fara Tekan.
Once the momentum flows, it can be transformed into higher frequency dance.

To me and Sara Behrad as duet-receivers, it is all about the art of life, how to prepare ourselves to gain capacity for that ‘momentum’ to happen.

Audience becomes a witness in the process of preparations for a Fara Tekan and will be our Fellow traveler on a journey to unknown.
Fara Tekan has been presented for the first time in Iran in 2017.

We dance Fara Tekan as duet Mehr and Mah.
We organize also workshops to share our experiments in higher frequency.
In our workshop we stimulate participants to activate their inner magnetic field to make a journey to unknown and discover a hidden world inside them.

Brief introduction of Mah (Sara Behrad)

Mah is a Poet, dancer, Life & stage Artist.
She is fascinated by the concept of collective life in higher frequency.

My mission is self-care and expansion to spread the scent of my love to the world

She is B.A in theater at the Art University of Tehran, 1998-2002.
In 2013 she studied one year Master in theater at DasArt-Amsterdam in the challenge of “how I can stay poetic in the activism container”

I studied self-nature inspired by Mahin Oskooi in acting course of the Stanislavski system in Iran,
In 2014 I experimented body liberation, inspired by Katie duck at Movement Improvisation summer course Amsterdam

A new Dimension:
She studied Tibetan Feng shui with the approach of embracing all aspects of the human being for awakening.

…I see it as a strong and deep observation for bringing fresh air and changes in our inner and outer spaces to crystallize our creativity

New Birth:
As part of a duet `Mehr & Mah` at Fara Tekan.

Fara Tekan comes out of our living soul. It is our life voyage, in its most delicate meaning and mysticism

Nothing on our mind, All in our heart
Let dance take you
Take dance in
Be dance
Be patient, one day it arrives

Announcement. Essence of Light. Fara Tekan 2017
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Fara Tekan
Communication 1. Fara Tekan