This is Farhad Foroutanian (Rad)

Welcome to my space!
There are two types of art, one for the artist in search of his or her true self
and the other type is to
impress or entertain others.
I belong to the first group of artists who lovingly share my findings with people.

I have a mission, which contains

Love in its widest sense inspires my art.
Lines, Shapes, Colors, Movements, Dance, Writing and Filming  are my instruments
to radiate my visions and communicate my truth with others.

I was born in Iran in 1957
I studied in theater, cinema and in fine arts
My carrier has been started  in 1977 by working as cartoonist and illustrator for an Iranian newspaper.
I immigrated to The Netherlands in 1986, since then I work for many different Dutch and other European publishers, such as
Rotterdams Dagblad, Vrij Nederland, Vice versa, Algemene Dagblad, IDFA, de Helling, Vluchtelingenwerk magazine, ICT care magazine,
Stern (Gr), Nebespalter (sw), la Voce (It) and more.
My visual artworks have been showed in about 80 solo and group exhibitions around the world, such as:
Gurcum Museum” The Netherlands – 2021
European cartoon” 2020
Aria Gallery” Tehran – 2017

I realized many different film en theater projects.
In 2004 I found ‘InterAct Theater Company’ and realized many different stage as well as educative projects in the Netherlands, Italy and Iran.
In 2012 I found ‘Interact Theater group’ and in 2014 ‘Live Theater Academy‘ in Iran which lasted 7 seasons.
Since 2016 I work in FARA TEKAN transcendent dance productions company.

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